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VCRD001 : Mick Verma "Synthsomagic / Vermaquin"

VCRD002 : QuestionmarQ "R&S / September On Fire" 


VCRD003 : Mick Verma "Dreamour EP"

VCRD004 : John Collins "The Introspective EP" 

VCRD005 : QuestionmarQ "Emotive Worlds EP" 


VCRD006 : Mick Verma "Deep Visions EP"


VCRD007: John Collins "Club d'Ellaria EP"

VCRD008 : Maksy "Lenrod EP"


VCRD009 : QuestionmarQ "Nothing To See Hear EP" 


VCRD010 : Ray Sam "Ready For You EP"


VCRD011 : Mick Verma "Something For Nothing EP"


VCRD012: Dominic Smith "What Is What EP"


VCRD013 : Yohan Esprada "Mahajanga"


VCRD014 : Yohan Esprada "Nosy Be"


VCRD015 : QuestionmarQ "Show Me / Break From The Norm"


VCRD016 : Dominic Smith "On Repeat EP"


VCRD017: George Moraitis "No Fate / Digital Gangsta"


VCRD018 : Ray Sam "Love Trippin' EP"


VCRD019 : Himbrecht "Opaque EP"


VCRD020 : QuestionmarQ feat. Kilian Pettit "Floating Away"


VCRD021 : Dominic Smith & Eoin Brennan "DE1"


VCRD022 : George Moraitis "Lost/Depth"


VCRD023 : Matthew Collins "19ninety3/Journey to Jökulsárlón"


VCRD024 : Mick Verma "Smooth Edges / Fonder"


VCRD025 : Various Artists "Re:Vision Volume 1"


VCRD026 : Various Artists "House It Goin' EP"


VCRD027 : Various Artists "The M&M EP"


VCRD028 : Corrugated Tunnel Feat Droze "When There was House"


VCRD029 : Mick Verma "Get Up, Get Down / Free (Remix)"


VCRD030 : Various Artists "The Perception EP"


VCRD031 : QuestionmarQ "Alphabet Beats EP"


VCRD032 : Black Alley "Sugar"


VCRD033 : Mick Verma "Universal EP"


VCRD034 : Motiva "The Gambler/Passing By"


VCRD035 : QuestionmarQ "Rollercoaster / One Last Tune"


VCRD036 : Wukah "A Night In A Box"


VCRD037 : DeepNight "Tout Fout Le Camp EP"


VCRD037 : Wukah "Agus"